Health Development

Arumbugal is working from 2003, for the upliftment of people living with HIV/AIDS families.These families were formed into support groups and these support groups were integrated with the district level network called Nellai Sutram.

Also T.B. and Cancer awareness programmes of Arumbugal  has a major break through in the life of rural women folk by way of identification and treatment seeking behaviour. Arumbugal got the Social Responsibility NGO Award – 2015 from Tirunelveli district Collector by Udhavum Ullangal, Chennai.

1. Strengthening of PLHIV Self Help Network

Manur, Pappakudi & Melaneelithanallur
With the aim of enhancement of standard of living of PLHA and their families members and prevention of STI & HIV/AIDS, Arumbugal Trust implemented this program in Manur and Pappakudi blocks of Tirunelveli District since 2007. Based on the Need this project was extended in Melaneelithanallur Block from April 2009. This program was successfully executed in the year 2010 -2011,with the support of Malteser International and coordinated by Pro-vision Scheme.

Adolescent Health Development through PLHA Network and Advocacy are the major activities and also formation of PLHIV Support groups at block and district level (Nellai sutram) were the effectual activities carried out in this project.

Arumbugal in co-ordination with Malteser International/Provision implemented this project in Manur, Papakudi & M.N.Nallur blocks of Tirunelveli District. The identified People Living with HIV Aids (PLHA) Families were formed into village level support groups and they were developed into block level co-ordinations. These were further integrated to form District Level network called “NELLAI SUTRAM”. In this network, at present Arumbugal have 18 support groups with a membership of 105 PLHA’S.
Our government provides these families a monthly financial support of Rs1000.Apart from this,Nellai Sutram provides internal loans for the income generation activities of the PLHA’s. Eight of our groups are benefited through this scheme with the loan amount of one lakh twenty thousand rupees.
Arumbugal extends its hands to the Educational Support of the PLH’S children. (One child infected with ADIS and Four affected by ADIS).An amount of Rs.1,50,960 towards higher education was given to these five student beneficifaries.Through this project PLA’S life has been uplifted to a greater extent & Arumbugal has made the death rate low in above said area when compared to last year. Even it has reduced the level of HIV infection.


Arumbugal with Reach Akshaya Project is doing T.B. Awareness Programme in Palayamkottai Blocks. Sputum was collected from suspected patients from Arumbugal staff and tests were done at the Government hospital. Identified cases were given follow up treatments in the primary health centers. In the year 2015-2016, around 200 samples were taken and 12 were identified as TB Positive. It has also counseled the MTR patients in sivanndipetty area and made Dots provider to him.
Under “Go on Kalian Samithi” (GKS) scheme, Community meetings and small groups meetings were conducted using flipcharts and IEC Materials.21 such meetings were conducted with 275 participants in total. Among the participants, two volunteers were nominated for the follow up purpose. This programme is one among the successful health programs of Arumbugal which serves the needy.


Arumbugal Trust under CSR activity of ATG Tyres, Gangaikondan conducted cancer awareness camp in Thalayathu on 15.05.2015 with cancer prevention center (udhavuum ullangal) Tirunelveli. More than 60 rural women participated and benefited in this camp.



With the help of Arumbugal Trust, Sugam SHG Women are producing sanitary Napkins for women for their regular use and for clinical maternity purpose. These low cost sanitary napkins have made a remarkable contribution to the health care of poor rural women. These low cost high quality napkins are made access to our SHG women through our Sugam Units. On the other side this is a self sustaining entrepreneurship venture for our SHG Women to generate income. At present Sugam supplies napkins to 5 Hospitals in the city and more than 200 women SHG Group.