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1. Training for Women development

Arumbugal has organized various training to SHG’s for women development. The Contents of the trainings were the importance of savings and its need, Leadership qualities how to run a successful SHG with all the ground rules, Bank linkages, rapport with the Government departments and Panchayats.
Name of the Training
No of Training
Animator and Representative Training
SHG Members Training

2. LIC – Jeevan Mathur Policy

Insurance cover for SHG members is a major factor that reduce vulnerability of poor families to meet out the critical solution such as the death of the bread winner, accidents, etc. Arumbugal Trust has introduced a life insurance policy called “Jeevan Mathur” to the SHG members who voluntered were selected and training was imparted to them by LIC officials in which four SHG members has raised themselves as LIC agents. By this sensitization and motivation clients joined this scheme. The minimum amount were collected by the agents and submitted regularly to the LIC through Arumbugal Trust.

3. Sugam-Sanitary Napkin -Unit

Arumbugal with the aim to promote health empowermemt among women, particularly among rural adolescent girls and young women facilitated the Arubugal Sugam Napkin unit. By the well trained and skilled technicians best quality napkins were produced and marketed to all SHGs and maternity Hospitals at low cost. Our goal is to create a consciousness in women about their health and development which leads to improvement of their standards of living. To achieve the above said goal, Arumbugal sugam unit is runned by women SHG members since 2004. Presently 5 members are working in this Self sustained project. Training program was conducted to the SHG’s and the other NGO staff all over Tamilnadu. Napkins can be produced in different size based on the need of private hospital, adult women and adult girls.

Our Achievement
Arumbugal Sugam Unit created an impact among the rural adolescent and adult women. Due to this more usage of sanitary Napkins by the women SHGs in rural area is obviously observed. Awareness could be seen on the menstrual hygiene which created in a positive behavioral change in self hygiene practice during menstruation cycle by consistent usage of sanitary napkins and reduced rate of reproductive tract infection and other maternal problems among the rural women.