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World Environment Day (June, 5th, 2010)

Arumbugal always believe that health is wealth. Healthy environment is necessary for human beings to live in this world. To create awareness and make people involved in the evolution of healthy environment, a one day workshop was conducted at the Arumbugal campus on the World Environment Day. The theme of this workshop was ‘Marine Conservation’ 50 participants from SHGS, students, rural youth and staff gained awareness by this program. Finally oath was taken by all the participants’ to conserve the endangered marine species.

International Women’s Day (March 8th, 2011)

International Women’s Day has always been a special occasion for Arumbugal, as we work for Women Empowerment among the grass foots. This year the self help groups were motivated to organize, International Women’s Day observation by themselves: Director, Coordinators and Staffs attended the meetings.

World T.B Day (March 24, 2011)

Approximately one third of The World’s Population is infected by mycobacterium tuberculosis and at the risk of developing the disease. To create an awareness about T.B., an awareness was conducted at the Arumbugal campus, Mr. Mohammad ail, from Tirunelveli, Medical College gave a special lecture about TB, its causes, its effects, controls and measures, treatment etc, pamphlets’ were issued to the participants about Tuberculosis precautions.

World Aids Day (December 1, 2010)

Arumbugal joined its hands with Free Legal Aid all and organized the World AIDS Day at the Deaf and Dumb School, Tirunelveli. The District Collector, District Judge, Additional Superintendent of Police took part in this program. Advocacy and Lobbing on the issues of HIV positive people was conducted. 200 PLHA’s & 150 SHG’s were participated in this program and discussed about their issues.

World Water Day (March 22, 2011)

Water is the most precious matter on earth. The need for fresh water resources is increasing in this fast growing world. So, to stem the importance of fresh water management among the rural people, Arumbugal Trust conducted an awareness program at Reddiyarpatti panchayat, Palayamkottai Block, Tirunelveli.100 participants took part in this awareness campaign. In this campaign, the participants gained knowledge about how to preserve fresh water resources like ponds, tanks etc.

World Earth Day (22nd April, 2011)

The need of the moment in today’s fast growing technocratic world is the ‘Preservation of Earth and its resources’. Arumbugal Trust organized a special program at Melakarai village, Tirunelveli Corporation. Focusing this issue 100 women from local self help groups took part in this awareness campaign. The participants acquired awareness about the causes and effects of deforestation and global warming. The participants also realized the need to preserve earth.

Special Tie-up with Free Legal Aid and NGO’s

Free Legal Aid Awareness Campaign

With the aim of creating awareness on legal access among public, District legal aid authority and Arumbugal trust jointly facilitated Free Legal Aid campaign in kunnathoor, Ponnakudi Samathuvapuram of Tirunelveli District in the year 2010-2011. Four programs were organized focusing on Legal Aid awareness among the general public more than 4000 participants took part in this program. District collector, District judges, chief functionaries of district bar association facilitated these programs and they explained about available Free Legal Aid .The participants were asked to give spot petitions for their legal issues. Totally, 400 petitions were received by the District legal Authorities and they assured that steps will be taken within 15 days.

Earth Net - Base Line Survey & PRA

Climate change and poverty are serious challenges and issues to the earth and the people. The climate change creates more damages in temperature and precipitation patterns: It has increased the frequency duration and intensity of extreme weather events like flood, drought, heat waves and for anodes other effects of climate change includes our agricultural fields, further glacial retreat, reduced summer stream flows, species extinctions and disease outbreaks. This should never happen again in future. Taking this into account, this year Arumbugal being one of the field level NGO partners of Earth net conducted a training program for the coordinators, staffs and SHGS. The participants gained awareness about Global warming & its effects.

HIV/AIDS Awareness Programs

In the year 2010-2011, with the objective to vanish HIV/AIDS from Tirunelveli district, many awareness programs were organized by Arumbugal. It is necessary to understand HIV/AIDS not only as a health issue but also as a social issue. Every individual should serve as a link worker to realize this objective. Arumbugal Trust conducted many cultural programs towards HIV/AIDS awareness.

De-Addiction, HIV/AIDS and Environment Awareness Programs

In the year 2010-2011, Arumbugal conducted many awareness programs with the support of St.Lukes children Development Center, Thoothukudi District. Totally three programs were conducted in which 2500 people in the adjacent villages of Peikulam gained awareness. Also, with the support of St.Thomas Children Development Center, Nazareth, 5000 Participants in the villages adjacent to Nazareth gained awareness.

Children’s Awareness Program

Arumbugal joined hands with HOPE NGO of Vilupuram District and created awareness programs on the topic “Educational rights for children” in five villages, all over Vilupuram and Pondicherry, Nearly 4000 children gained awareness about their Educational Rights.