Women Empowerment


Arumbugal Trust since 1997 onwards, started formation of women Self Help Groups (SHG) in Tirunelveli District. At present works with its 700 women SHG’s for making a difference in the lives of the women by generating awareness, capacity building, institutionalization and facilitating access to resource towards collective self-reliance.Micro credit linkage with the banks and  the insurance schemes are enabling them to cross all the socio economic barriers towards their empowerment.

The main objective of Arumbugal Trust is to build the capacity of the poor and less privileged women. In order to enable them to cross all social and economic barriers and thereby to facilitate their complete development into empowered citizen through the formation of women self help groups. At present totally 700 women Self help group’s are actively formed and guided successfully. This programme was Monitored and guided by the well exposed and experienced Arumbugal Staff team.

To strengthen the SHG’s and their sustainable activities, Arumbugal Trust has provided needful support like orientation on SHG activities, proper guidance through regular follow up visits, entrepreneur development trainings and so on.

Taking this feature into deliberation for developing trained women ,Arumbugal Trust focused the essential activities in the reported period as follows:

  • Formation of Self Help Groups
  • Savings and credit mobilization
  • Credit linkages


Areas of Mahalir Thittam

The Working area of Arumbugal Trust in women development activities in Tirunelveli district is listed below

Programme strategy

Arumbugal Trust focused to form SHG’s among women who are below the poverty line, scheduled caste, widows, physically handicapped, orphan and destitute. The target groups were selected and trained to form a SHG as per the norms and conditions of SHG. Through regular field visits to these groups, Arumbugal Trust provided needful support by imparting knowledge on conducting group meetings, maintaining documents and record maintenance, managing of revolving fund etc. Also Arumbugal helped these groups to have linkages with banks and other departments for the benefit of self employment and other income generation programs.

2. Micro Credit Activities

A silent economic revolution is taking place in the rural areas by the formation and successful functioning of women Self Help Groups (SHG). Group meeting, minutes note, resolution, internal lending, loan, revolving fund, Bank, cheque, accounts, pass book, savings, repayment, subscription are no more new words for them. SHG is a major tool for empowerment of women and slowly converting their status equal to men.
They and their family members were released from the clutches of kandhu vatti (High interest) and from their own savings they learn how to borrow money from their own SHG and repay it with minimum interest. With the help of Arumbugal, the SHG’s have credit linkage with the banks, borrow money from them for their members to take up their economic activities and many other expenses like emergency medical and school fee etc for their children

Savings is the vital major activity of the SHG’s which makes women economically independent and self reliant. All the members are emphasized to save their money regularly. Our Government provides revolving funds with subsidy for the active SHG’s. This amount will be revolved within the group, among the members, on the priority of education, agriculture, entrepreneurship, health care, house repairs etc.
They are supported through the loans from the nationalized Banks, ICICI Bank etc. Their current repayment status is 100%, to the Banks which is very much appreciable. This is because of Coordination of Arumbugal with SHG’s and banks.

3.Insurance Schemes

Insurance coverage for SHG women members is a necessity that can reduce vulnerability of poor families to crisis of all kinds, in the case of traumas or death of an earning member. Arumbugal in collaboration with life Insurance corporation of India, have introduced insurance policies Jeevan Mathur, Mangal, Deep and Bhakyalakshmi to our SHG members and staff.
In spite of the initial reluctance to these insurance schemes, people have now started to hold policies after realizing the benefits of Insurance, through the benefitted families. Arumbugal is one of the leading NGO’s in implementing these schemes in Tirunelveli District, and got the best NGO award for the past 2014-15 to 2017-18


No of Policy Holders Premium paid Death Claim Received No of Families benefited
2800 33,00,000 4,35,000 10