A Gesture of our Support

Fourty of our Self Help Group members met with a road accident near Kayathar village in Tirunelveli district. Five of them were spot dead and eighteen of them were severely injured during this accident.  All these women are unorganized labourers, whose livelihood is completely dependent on their daily wages.  As a result of their critical injuries, they were not in a good health to earn their living for the next six months.  Arumbugal trust felt the need to support these women and their families who were struggling to meet their basic needs.  As a result, we conducted a one-day camp at Manapadaiveedu village in Palayamkottai block to distribute basic food and hygiene products to the affected Self help groups members and their families. A brief counselling session was conducted for those who were in need of psychological support. Arumbugal always feels responsible to support our stakeholders as an expression of our gratitude towards them.



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