Agasthiyarmalai Landscape

1.Cultural Awareness Creation 

Arumbugal Trust is selected as a partner NGO in the Cultural awareness and community mobilization part of Biodiversity conservation and Rural Livelihood improvement project (BCRLIP) in Agasthiyarmalai Landscape (ALS) by Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger conservation foundation , Tirunelveli.

The major objectives of the project are to:

  1. Reduce the threats on the Tiger Reserve and negative interactions by the local people and
  2. To reduce the negative interaction and threats for local fringe village people by the protect area / Landscape improving the rural lively hoods of the local people to alleviate their state of forests dependency through participatory biodiversity conservation , by providing opportunities for alternative livelihoods, energy conservations, Biomass generation, regeneration etc.

 The Agasthiyarmalai landscape  BCRLIP project area covers 5 districts (Kanyakumari, Tirunelveli, Virudhunagar, Madurai and Theni) around 500 fringe villages in the westernghats .Arumbugal is creating awareness through cultural programmes using folk forms like folk dances, folk songs, folk theater etc Feedbacks  were collected directly from the people.The contents covered are the importance of Biodiversity, the need for participatory conservation approach , the threats by the people to the landscapes, the threats to the people by the landscapes, livelihood improvement and forest conservation, formation of village forest committee, micro village forest committee and its role towards the conservation of the landscape etc. So far 101 cultural programmes were performed in the first phase of the project by Arumbugal .

Training to Micro Village Forest Committee members:

     As a part of community mobilization process Arumbugal has conducted 30 training programmes for the Micro Village Forest Committee members of BCRLIP – Agasthiyarmalai Landscape project by Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger conservation Foundation, Tirunelveli. Ambasamudhiram and Kalakad KMTR division villages  were selected and the training were given to the Micro VFCs.

   Micro VFC is a part of Vilage Forest Committees of the concerned village and with the membership of 5 men/women formed for the better implement, dissemination of funds and policies, democratic planing by the gross roots of the project. The training was given in two parts for two hours with visual aids. The first part covered with the contents – the history, backround and objectives  of the BCRLIP project; Agasthiyarmalai Landscape and its biodiversity resources; livelihood improvement of the people , threats to the landscape etc..This second part covered with the contents- the link between biodiversity and livelyhood of the people; the importance and role of VFCs and MVFCs in the participatory conservation of the landscape; the functions of MVFC, record maintenance, regular activities , alternative entrepreneurship efforts, etc…

Dr.R.Mathivanan and Mrs.V.Latha Mathivanan with the Arumbugal team acted as resource persons. Power point presentations , short films , flip charts, play way and lecture methods were adopted for the training. The training was fully participatory and the involvement of the members were very high.

The support of the field Director / CCF- KMTCF MR.A.Venkatesh IFS, Deputy Director KMTR ambai, Dr.Kanchana IFS, Deputy Director Kalakad, Mr.Muruganandham and  foresters , rangers , APWs of KMTR   made the training a successful one.