Arumbugal is a Non Governmental Organization, started by like minded Social Workers in the year 1987. It is a registered organization under Indian Trusts Act (Reg.No. 538/87). The key objectives to start this organization are empowerment of the weaker sections of the society and Eco Conservation. We started our community development activities among the women working in beedi rolling companies as unorganized workforce in Tirunelveli district.

Their Poverty, Illiteracy, occupational hazards associated with beedi rolling and exploitations by money lenders were our major concerns, as a solution of which we started organizing these women as Self help groups. As a result, our SHG women were liberated from the exploitations of money lenders and they started to realize the importance of savings. We linked Self help groups with nationalized banks who offered them loans, through which many self help group members evolved into entrepreneurs. At present we have organized thousands of women under 550 Self help groups, who are Socio-Economically empowered as the outcome. In Eco-Conservation field, we have conducted more 5000 Eco-awareness programmes all over Tamil Nadu since 1995.

With our vast experience in Community Development activities, today we have evolved into an organization that stands for people who are distressed, vulnerable, discriminated and victimized. Also, with a firm commitment to our environmental conservation, we are raising awareness among people on the most pressing environmental challengers and their solutions.