Board of Trutees

Dr.R.Mathivanan – Founder/ Managing Director 

Dr.R.Mathivanan is a professional Social Worker and has 45 years of vast experience in Community development activities. He has served in the Department of Youth affairs and Sports, Government of India for 25 years as District youth Coordinator-Nehru Yuva Kendra.Being the Founder of the popular ‘Thedal’ theatre movement, he has conducted more than 2000 Social awareness street theatre performances throughout Tamil Nadu and has also trained a lot of young street theatre artists. He is an ardent Orator and Writer and has published several books. Being a passionate Eco-Conservationist, he is now active in several Environment Conservation programmes of the Organization and Government of Tamil Nadu.

Mrs.V. Latha Mathivanan – Managing Trustee / Director 

Mrs. Latha is successfully administrating this organization for the past 26 years.With her 30 years of field experience in Community Development, her dedication and hard work has bestowed Arumbugal with all the recognition it has earned today.She is a trained theatre artist and folk dance artist. She has been honoured with severalNational and State awards for her selfless community service. She is also a recognized Mental health Counsellor. At present, she acts as the member of the following bodies:

  • Member, State Board for Wild Life – Forest Department,                     TamilNadu Government
  • State Project Implementation Committee-BCRLIP
  • State Level Steering Committee GOMBRT- Forest Department,                Govt of TamilNadu.
  • Regional Grievance Redressal committee – Highways                                Department, Tirunelveli.
  • Internal Complaints committee for Women[The Sexual                              Harassment of Women at Workplace(Prevention Prohibition                  and Redressal) Act,2013] of ESI Hospital (Tirunelveli), All India                  Radio (Tirunelveli),  Indian Bank(Tirunelveli), BSNL (Tirunelveli)                and Police Department (Tirunelveli).
Mrs.U.Saroja chellam – Financial Trustee

Mrs. Saroja Chellam is a post graduate in Sociology and English Literature. Being a teacher by profession, she has dedicated the past 37 years of her life in shaping the future of thousands of children. She believes that Children are the most valuable resource and they are the best hope for the future. She was an active member of AICUF, Tamil Nadu and has participated in various community development activities through that Federation.Her valuable suggestions and firm support throughout the journey of Arumbugal, plays a vital role in our organization’s development.

Mrs.Helen Manoharan – Trustee

Mrs.Helen Manoharan is a highly experienced community development worker, who is active in the field for the past 35 years through her organization called ‘Madurai Non-Formal Education Centre’. She has been consistently working for the welfare of the downtrodden communities and slum dwellers in and around Madurai district. Her contribution towards the socio-economic development of the women in distress proves her passion towards Community Development. She guides our organization with her vast field work experience and compassion for the underprivileged.

Ms.Senthamil Selvi – Trustee

Ms.SenthamilSelvi is a young vibrant Social Worker and Social Activist. Through her popular student movement called ‘Ilavattam’, she conducted various youth sensitization programmes for adolescent children and youth on Class, Caste, Gender and Environment. She has conducted several Anti-Alcoholism campaigns throughout Tamil Nadu. At present, through her organization called ‘SathuragiriKaanagam’, she is dedicatedly working for the socio-economic development of Farmers belonging to Scheduled castes in the Watrap region of Virudhunagar district through Organic farming activities. Her people-oriented approach and ideologies are an asset to our organization.