A Gesture of our Support

Fourty of our Self Help Group members met with a road accident near Kayathar village in Tirunelveli district. Five of them were spot dead and eighteen of them were severely injured during this accident.  All these women are unorganized labourers, whose livelihood is completely dependent on their daily wages.  As a result of their critical injuries, they were not in a good health to earn their living for the next six months.  Arumbugal trust felt the need to support these women and their families who were struggling to meet their basic needs.  As a result, we conducted a one-day camp at Manapadaiveedu village in Palayamkottai block to distribute basic food and hygiene products to the affected Self help groups members and their families. A brief counselling session was conducted for those who were in need of psychological support. Arumbugal always feels responsible to support our stakeholders as an expression of our gratitude towards them.


Covid 19 has drastically affected the lives and livelihood of our people.  While sanitizing hands regularly, wearing masks and social distancing has become a part of our lifestyle , Arumbugal trust realized the importance of spreading this awareness among the rural women.  As a part of our awareness campaign, we set up a mask production unit with the help of our women self help group members.  Ten thousand cotton cloth eco friendly masks were produced and distributed free of cost among people living in the rural areas of Tirunelveli district.  Apart from this activity, we also conducted awareness programmes on the theme “COVID 19 PREVENTION AND CARE”. One hundred awareness programmes were conducted all over the Tirunelveli district.  Moreover, we organized six campus to distribute basic food and hygiene products for the people whose livelihood was extremely affected by covid19.  Over five hundred people benefitted out of these campus.  Out of the six campus, three campus were conducted to distribute basic necessities to the Kaani tribal communities living in the Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve region.  We are on the progress of planning and implementing of more essential activities to deal with this global pandemic.


In March 2021, voters awareness campign to our SHG women leaders was conducted by Arumbugal in collaboration with Government museum Tirunelveli and Pothigai Tamil Sangam.

Two meetings more held in Arumbugal office with 60 leaders and another one in Thiruvengadanathapuram village conducted with the LIC of India, with 150 participants.


On 19th December 2020 Arumbugal in coordination with Nellai Nature club and Rotary club of Tirunelveli conducted pedaling for birds- cycling awareness campaign from Tirunelveli to palamadai.

Tirunelveli  District collector Mr. Vishnu IAS, lead the campaign and covered 20kms distance with us by cycling.  Arumbugal did the cultural awareness programme on that day at the end of the campaign


In December 2020 Arumbugal with TamilNadu Agricultural Department conducted cultural awareness ‘ SSEPERS ATMA 2021 KALAJATHA’ programme in Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi districts.  The importance of farmers group, integrated farming producers club, marketing were given as thematic inputs using folk dances and songs.  10 programmes were conducted in various blocks of Tirunelveli district.