Who we are

Arumbugal Trust is a registered Non-Governmental Organization, working for the holistic development of the rural and marginalized communities in Tamil Nadu since 1987. The Tamil word “Arumbugal” means “floral buds”, which denotes the readiness to bloom. It implies the preparedness of the underprivileged communities for an inclusive, overall and sustainable development.


To build an Empowered and Inclusive society fuelled by Social Justice &

To achieve Environmental sustainability through Community Participation.


Mobilization and Organization of the rural, marginalized and underprivileged communities through Awareness generation, Capacity Building and Facilitation of their access to basic rights and development opportunities.


  • To organise and federate women through formation of Selfhelp groups and Joint Liability groups, thereby guide them towards Socio Economic Empowerment.
  • To conduct various Capacity building programmes for the Selfhelp group members, motivate them into entrepreneurship and support their business initiatives by connecting them with Nationalized Banks for business loans.
  • To impart awareness about the importance of Bio Diversity Conservation and Ecological Sustainability among people through cultural awareness programmes and to motivate people’s participation in protecting Environment.
  • To conduct Field analysis research studies and Participatory Rural Appraisals, thereby prepare microplan for the development of the community.
  • To conserve the folklore and folk art culture of Tamil Nadu by training younger generation in street theatre and folk art forms, and to utilize these art skills in organizing community awareness generation programmes.
  • To help the needy who are in necessity for health care and support especially People living with HIV/AIDS, Cancer and Tuberculosis.

To channelize the lives of the Children at risk through Educational support, Counselling and Life skill training programmes.